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Welcome to MotorhomeSki.com

The objective of this web site is to bring the worlds of skiing, boarding and motorhoming together to produce an up-to-date resource of facilities, resorts campsites, aires and photographs to make travelling the ski resorts of Europe and beyond easier and even more enjoyable and to form a base via which motorhoming skiers and boarders can build a mutually supportive community to share tips and information and get answers to their questions.

Although we will work tirelessly travelling the world's skiing resorts, a very dirty job but someone has to do it, building a comprehensive set of content for the site and keeping it up to date depends to a great part on the efforts of community members.

The more people who send us information on places to go (and places to avoid), the more benefit this resource will be to more and more people and the more up-to-date and valid the information will be.

So, when you get back, or even while you're on your way, please send us as comprehensive a report on each aire or camp site based on your experience. We will then post it to the site so that others intending to visit the region will immediately benefit from your feedback.

Please include:

  • Facility information
  • Address
  • GPS coordinates
  • Web address
  • The file names of any photographs you upload

Click this link to Send Us Your Info and Upload Your Photos. Accepted extensions: jpg, jpeg, gif, png. Please replace any spaces in the file name with an underscore or a dash.

The current pages on the site will give ideas of what we are looking for.

We welcome any suggestions regarding how we can improve this site so if you have any suggestions or ideas regarding improvement, please send them to us via the Contact Us form.

This venture is intended to support motor homers and members of Motor Home Facts and MMM who like to ski.