Motorhome rental in the Alps

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Motorhome rental in the Alps

Unread postby likeabonio » Tue Mar 21, 2017 13:42

Last year was our first MH ski trip and we rented and drove from the UK.(see my report).
A bit of a ball ache with all the driving.
So this time I researched all the MH rental options in the Alps.

My companions are creatures of comfort so we opted for a Dethleffs Espirit Comfort A7820 through McRent Zurich. Is 8.5m long and had winter tyres AND snow chains guaranteed.
Other rental options didn't have both.
We flew to Zurich.

The rationale for this, was that we wanted to chase the best snow in the alps for the week.
Initially we were to be 6, but ended up being 4.
Cost was £1576 for the week. Not cheap. But wonderfully spacious, huge amounts of storage, separate toilet from shower, 2 LPG bottles= ample for 1 wk. These were in constant use.

Was an automatic drive- which we found much better than the Hymer last year. With all the mountain driving, less likely to burn the clutch.

Driving the winding Swiss/Italian alpine roads was tiring. Shared it between 2 people.
Advise against driving in darkness- 1, you miss the spectacular view 2, it's tough on the concentration- the roads were narrow.

We were happy with the rental agreement.
I would advise you do not rush the induction.
This was done by 2 young lads in their 20s who couldn't answer the more detailed enquiries we had.
We left with water hose but no adaptor between the actual hose and the part which attaches to the tap.
So we had to find/borrow this part later on.

They were very particular about the cleanliness of the inside on handover.
UK cleanliness doesn't = Swiss cleanliness.

e.g. Soap bubbles left in sink from fairy liquids and taps not shiny, a few crumbs on floor, = they said they would need to charge 129 Euros to get a professional cleaner in.

After friendly discussion we agreed to spend another 30mins cleaning, after which it was deemed to be just fine.
Negotiating with him, was a bit like negotiating with a computer.

The motorhome was a beauty. But expensive.
You can rent through other orgs for more like £110 a day.
In March, winter tyres AND snow chains is an overkill. We never had to drive over snow or ice.
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