aires and altitude

Questions and information regarding aires in France and other places to park up and stay over

aires and altitude

Unread postby ezzy » Wed Dec 09, 2009 23:23

hello there

i'm a newbie both to mhs and mhf and to mhing and especially mhing in snow! (so apologies in advance!!)

i am planning 19 days in mh in alps area from 16th dec to 4th jan

would like some help, tips and ideas:

which aires are best or easiest to use for a novice to get my confidence and also without need for chains - esp if have some sort of hookup but not essential as got genny - are generators ok to use?

are there any resorts where can drive to an aire and still ski without chains or is that just too blonde? :?

does the water freeze at the aires services?
do they get full quickly and is there a best time to arrive?

what is xmas like and availability on aires - anyone got suggestions of nice aires for xmas or wild camping spots or things to do that would be different or memorable

nearly dun (so many questions :roll: :D ) on this site's homepage is a picture of a site with individual sheds/cabins alongside the pitch, does anyone know where this is and have they been?

many many thanks
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